Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 3-7, 2014

Miss E. Snapshots
Helping hands!  Typically this is at her free time and so this means even more to me because she (and the others also) are wanting to interact with baby when they could be playing instead.  Such skills and empathy is being learned!  One benefit of schooling at home, for sure!

Preschool for pattern block letters.

These were "clip a rhyme" strips but I provided a transparent chip.  He arranged the strips in front of him, placed a chip on the first picture, then slid the chip across the strip, saying the picture words until he found one that rhymed with the first picture.

He added buttons and wrote the addition problem on the bottom.  I love that now he is talking about adding in his play.  Yesterday, on the way home from the store, he was eating chocolate covered raisins and told me...Mom, 1+2+2=5!  And that same night, as he was feeding baby E. he was doing more random adding. When it starts coming out in their "play", you know they "got it!"

 He created a picture and letters with colored craft sticks and then drew the representation in his sketchbook using the corresponding colored pencils.  

Watercolors and Snow
I saw on Pinterest that someone used watercolors and snow.  I have always used food colored water and eye wanted to give this a try.  Can't say it makes the boldest colors but he did enjoy the "science" behind what happens to the snow on the paint brush when he dipped it in the water.  Ha!

Every Friday I try to give him a "whole alphabet" writing task.  It helps me see where he is at with correct letter formation.

Language Arts
Language Arts1 is quite a bit different than last year . It covers the same things, of course, but much more visually appealing and they have a journal this year!  Love it!

Had quite a bit of writing to do this day so he just used magnetic letters to build his words and used the Say, Spell, Say method.  

 Spelling Word Train
 Marks on the window is often a kid favorite.  Actually, I've been known to do mini lessons at the door if they are sitting at that computer right there.  Very convenient!

Ha! This makes me smile and I don't even really remember what we were all laughing about.
Making Sentences Bigger/Combining Sentences
 Anyway....we made a mistake and did the wrong writing sheet.  I remember thinking...what?!  They expect her to know this already?  Obviously, she didn't.  So after I pulled out the index cards and etc and did a more hands-on approach to using conjunctions (which we have discussed regularly with our whole group grammar talks and they love the SchoolHouse Rock:  Conjunction Junction) and combining sentences I see the sheet were were SUPPOSE to be doing first.  Ah's still a concept that takes practice and we'll be doing just that.  I did want to say though...actually being able to manipulative those words and punctuation marks....made a world of difference!

Math3:  Elapsed Time
This is relative easy for C.  Actually, most math is.  However, he loved using "his" clock to work his problems....made it a bit more enjoyable.  Same for using his calendar for elapsed time on a calendar.

Misc. Pictures
Happy Birthday to my eldest boy...11 years old already!  A quick celebration because we'll be celebrating with the rest of the family on the weekend.  :-)

We had left over cupcakes that the children could decorate, if they wished, for snack.  :-)  Below, A. is working with his brand new microscope and sharing the experience with the 2nd grader!
I commented that I had learned that Lincoln was actually sitting in the memorial on the back of the penny.  Then a couple of comments were made to make me feel like I should have known that already.  Well, I didn't and I wonder how many more people do not know it.  Yes, in the actual Memorial, Lincoln is sitting there...hard to miss....but in the Memorial on the back of the penny...did you know?  It's very hard to see if you aren't looking for it..but we did find it with the microscope!  

 She finished her sewing project!  She as very proud of her stuffed kitty cat and I was quite pleased with her willingness to work a little here and there and complete the project.

My 2nd oldest kiddo...this is a typical sight.

 Art1:  Vincent VanGogh
We decided to do a different approach to the art project.  :-)  "Fingerpainting".  :-D

 Art2:  Cityscape
 These are awful snapshots of their end products.  I hadn't flattened them and water color on this particular brand of construction paper always dries wrinkled.  You'll have to take my word for it that, in person, they are quite lovely!  :-)
1st grader and preschooler, pretty similar to my demonstration...the 1st grader did a reflection.
2nd grader and 5th grader above and 3rd grader below.  Hard to see, but they all did reflections.  Older two were very specific in stating they were planning on creating abstract art.  :-)
 We initially were attempting to do the Usborne approach to using oil pastels and then pressing the print on the other half...didn't work, no matter how hard we pressed those oil pastels.

Science3:  A Science Class Connect w/ experiment of which material conducts heat the best.  

Science5:  A bombed science experiment......but he had fun distracting us with the balloons. 
It's always good for an experiment not to work every once in helps them think critically about why it didn't and they'll learn from that the next time.  

Science2:  Three Types of Rocks
Sedimentary- L. and C. layered sediment and added pressure.
It turned into a yummy treat on yogurt and pudding.
Our sediment was 
crushed pb cereal, coconut, hammered chocolate chips, white chocolate chips
T. and K. created metamorphic rocks by layering various types of chocolate chips, graham crackers and marshmallows.  We baked it (added heat) and then added pressure.
Definitely a very yummy slop!
 A. created igneous rock- white chocolate chips and red food coloring.  He then created rocks on wax paper that cooled very quickly and they also enjoyed snacking on.  Talk about a sugar overload day!

We explored, sorted, classified rocks.  Magnify glasses are what we usually use but this year we had the microscope for the first time!  FUN STUFF!

Science 2:  Fossils!
 T. decided he was going to explore more with play dough during his work time!
I had gone looking for a dough recipe for this and lo and behold, found someone else who had done the same project.  Ha!  
The Imagination Tree is where I got the salt dough recipe from and she also used shells.
For the 5 kids I mixed
2 C. flour
 2 C. salt
1 C. water
I mixed it all together at once, so it as a bit "salty" as we were working with it.  She suggests mixing the flour and salt together first then adding water.  Then kneed until no longer sticky.  This amount allowed them to create 4 different fossils.  We baked at 200* for about 2 or so hours, then flipped them over and baked another hour or so.

Science2:  Earth's Layers

 Rolling out the dough and creating the layers by folding them up over top of the original ball-inner core.  
 Getting a little help from the fifth grader who absolutely loved this idea of a project.  Unfortunately, this project takes a hoard of play doh so he just helped the 2nd grader instead of making his own.  (We did use play doh as we really didn't have enough colors of clay.  Really, it was much easier for L. to manipulate than the clay would have been and it turned out just fine!
Science1:  Animals

Aw!  Didn't she do a great job creating a tree frog?  It really is just a paper craft...good scissor skill practice.  Wish we had time to do more of it.  K. does the most because she usually has more time than the other kiddos.  You can find the link to this pattern at Learn Create Love.

Science3:  Human Body

C. went through his human body unit on his own and now we are going to spend a few weeks doing group lessons/activities with all the systems since every grade level does SOMETHING about these wonderful bodies of ours!  :-)