Monday, June 24, 2013


Wow!  It's been a long time since I've posted anything to either one of my blogs.  I had planned to be so diligent but life got in the way as usual. 

Recap of the 2012-2013 school year:  Eventually all five students were enrolled in MVCA (Michigan Visual Charter Academy), an online public school that uses the K12 curriculum.  Quite an experience.  Pros and cons like everything but enough pros that we are giving it another go for the 2013-2014 school year.  I found that it was a very busy time for myself as I tried to figure out just how to go about having 6 kids in this small house and accomplish everything that needed accomplished.  I found that a lot of my own plans and want-to's went to the back burner.  So hoping that this next year can be a little different in that regard.  I'd love for them to be a bit more independent and have a little more choice than what happened this past school year but I'm not sure that is going to work out the ideal way (in my opinion) due to the space issues in this very small house.  So, I'm exploring options this summer.  :-)
Summer Fun
An oldie but a goodie!
Step 1:  (not pictured)
Dissolve 1 tsp. of Borax (laundry aisle at grocery store) into 1/2 C. HOT water.

Step 2:  Measure out 3/4 C. of COLD water into a bowl. Add food coloring if you desire.  Remember that the flubber will be lighter so use LOTS of food coloring.  :-D
Measure out 1 C. of liquid glue (I have always used Elmer's) and add to cold water.

 Combine...this is fun in itself!
 Not pictured:  add the dissolved borax into the glue/water mixture.
 He loved this part!  It is messy.  We did get food coloring splattered on his shirt before I asked him to take it off.  He told me it looked like what he thought muscle would look like!  After stirring for a minute or so, remove it from the excess water and onto a easily cleaned surface.  :-)  Then work that flubber!

 Ta-da!  It's no longer messy after it's been worked for a bit.  More like a rubber texture.  :-)  4 year old stated it felt like jello.
 Fun stuff!
Even C. enjoyed it after the "slimy" process was done.  A., of course, loved the whole process of making it.

I actually chose A. to make the flubber because I knew he'd be able to handle the complete slimy process whereas I'd end up doing most of it with C. or T. once they got started.  But it also fell in the category, for A., of following directions.  Somewhere in the last two years A., 10 years old, lost his capability of following verbal and written directions.  :-D  So the goal is to incorporate recipe reading and following through for him this summer.

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