Monday, July 29, 2013

Daily Fix-It

I'm trying to make some of those changes I've been wanting to make for this next school year.  I feel I really need to focus on being well prepared at the beginning of the year to help them become as independent as possible since baby #4 (yes, surprise, surprise...well, as much as it can be a surprise) will be making an appearance in December some time. 
One thing I finished today...that I wanted to do LAST year was the Daily Fix It.  I don't think I shared that link so I want to do that. 
Amanda Nickerson from One Extra Degree has so graciously shared this 50 page FREEBIE! It is so "clean" and simple.  I love it! 
Today I made sure that I had all pages printed and I bound a book for my 3rd grade kiddo. 
Have I mentioned how much I love my Fellowes Comb Binding Machine?  :-)

It is well known that with kiddos like him...language arts is a struggle.  Oh boy, that was our main struggle last year.  And it took all year to get him to separate "ART" and "LANGUAGE ARTS".  He had a bad attitude about art all because it was also in the topic Language Arts.  Ha!  Absolute craziness that I just could NOT understand.  Well, I have a little bit better understanding this year and forsee a much more successful school year in that regard.  Since Language Arts tends to be a "struggle" (Reading comprehension...not included at this point.  He reads and comprehends 2-3 grades above level but heaven help us if he has to "respond" to it in anyway.) I'm trying to provide quick ways for him to get extra practice without overwhelming him.  This Daily Fix It will help in the grammar area.  :-P
He'll probably get the Grammar Posters on a ring to keep with his things...I made them last year and found them most useful for 3rd grade.  :-) You can see the post, a closer up image of each of the posters and get the pdf. free here.
We're being told that we should receive our 2013-2014 materials in 7-10 days.  YIPPEE!  I'll be glad to get a good look over my 5th grader's materials but also want to start getting in my mind how to set up for this year.  I think C., the 3rd grader needs his own space...BY HIMSELF!  Maybe I'll switch my two oldest.  A. missed being with the group and with a little self-discipline he can learn to be successful out in the main area with the younger kiddos I think.  Ah!  I don't want to rush August at all because I have lots to do...but I'm looking forward to school starting up! 

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