Thursday, August 8, 2013

Melissa and Doug Money Tray and Making Change Technique

This is one of our Amazon Point Goodies for the school year!  :-)

We are SO SO excited!

C. used it with his Summer Bridge work yesterday was PERFECT!
The bills go up to $100 and the coins go up to 50 cent pieces.  
There are plenty to work with.  I love the wooden storage and in each section it is printed what goes nice for the younger elementary kids.

Relatively "life size" bills and coins too...which make it really nice!

In the picture above with C., you'll notice a little technique that I started using with C. to figure "how much change".  It goes back to the Part-Part Whole concept taught in 1st grade math.  :-P
Several of these simple mats can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers for free.  :-)

C. first put how much he owed on the left.  Then across the top and sideways he put how much he gave the cashier (the whole).  Then he had to figure out the other "part" much change would he receive.  He's a very visual kid so this made learning how to make change really easy after he "got" the concept that you work with the biggest bills first!  ☺

A down side to this tray is there is no top.  Hmmm, and it's bigger than a 2 gallon storage bag which I usually use for toys like this.  Oh well, I figure it will probably be out most of the school year anyway and shouldn't be too much of a hassle.  

We do have pretend money for "play" so I'm going to do my best to encourage them to use this particular tray for math time and hopefully it will last us for many years.  :-)

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