Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Artist of the Month: Wassily Kandinsky

I needed COLOR in my entrance way so the first week of school, we spent two morning group sessions doing art.  Morning one:  I introduced the artist and we began painted papers for our collage.
Wikipedia has been a lovely resource for us schooling at home.  I set up at least 2 laptops at the table and we can skim right through an article together as a group.   Makes less prep time for me for sure!  We pulled in not only art but also math (how old he was, how long he was in France, etc) and geography (where is Moscow, Russia and France).  It's so fun to introduce an artist (or review one) and with the mixed age groups...the conversations are amazing!

Anyway...the one piece of artwork that wasn't on Wikipedia that I wanted them to focus on was this one...
We did painted paper collage instead of just painting here.  Was able to talk about primary and secondary colors (complementary, etc. I reviewed on a more 1:1 basis with the older ones.).  We also chatted about texture and so on.
We live in a very "cozy" schooling at home with multiple children is quite a treat sometimes...especially with whole group art lessons.  But doing art as a group has so many pros that I just deal with the cons.  Let's just say that my husband tells me..."You know...there are some things I just don't need to know."  Ha!  Like this... 
Well, you can see about 21 sheets here and we covered this floor and the entrance way bench and the washer and dryer...let's just say that this room was "out of order for the day".  My 3rd grader actually figured it out for us...right up his alley. "If we each paint 2 sheets of paper and we are doing primary and secondary colors...that's 6.  5x2=10 x 6=, we're going to have 60 sheets of paper laying around drying."  Yep.  That we did. (I had them do more so that we had some for our scrap box.) I found out that the steam mop does pretty good getting the paint off the floor.  And the kids realized that mom can get the same table ready for school work ready in about 3 minutes flat.  Ha!

All I can say was..."What a mess! But so much fun they had."  It was definitely organized chaos.  I set our whole spinner full of paintbrushes of every shape, size and texture and had a couple trays for the dirty ones.  Then they went to town!  So different than preschool.  These kiddos were pretty capable of getting it all done with me doing the running and switching of papers.  :-)

 Day 2 wasn't quite as messy but there was a bit more prep time for me the night before.  This project could definitely have taken more than 2 days but I did prep the paper for them (of course they wanted their own papers!).  I cut them into squares for them and printed off cardstock template circles.  I even helped trace and cut a few circles to keep things moving quickly and smoothly. Tsk..tsk!

Table isn't big enough for all of them and 12x18 pieces of construction paper so...a couple chose to work on the floor...which must be cleaned on a regular basis because when dealing with a small house...the floor is our second table.  Ha!  (We had decided on the choice of black, brown or white paper because those were the ones we didn't paint.)

 End outcomes!  

Aren't they awesome?!  They now grace the entrance way wall.  Looking forward to October's project...not quite sure which artist we'll learn about...but pondering it!  I like to reinforce something they are learning in K12.

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