Monday, September 17, 2012

And we are off!

Well, we have been off for a couple weeks now.  Starting our 3rd week actually, but time hasn't allowed for me to start the new blog.  Today I'm taking the time to do so.  :-)  I'll start with a picture and grades and a brief summary of what we are doing.  Then you can expect at least one post a week with "happenings" that are worth remember, at least for me.

There they are...and yes, it's a good show of their personalities! 
We have from the top...
A. 4th grade, presently being homeschooled.
E. 2nd grade, enrolled in Michigan Visual Charter Academy
W. 3rd grade, just got accepted TODAY in MVCA...yeah!
Left to right in the front row...
L. 1st grade, enrolled in MVCA
T., my youngest, 3 years old
C., 2nd grade, enrolled in MVCA.
Am I slightly bet.  Do I love bet!
Like I mentioned to one mother at the end of last week (which was NOT as good as our first week)...I may be completely exhausted, brain fried, voice gone, and eyes crossing but at the end of the day, I can smile!  What a good feeling!  Lots of tweaks will be made over the next few weeks but we'll get there.
Welcome...Enjoy...and I love comments!  :-D
is the website for where we keep track of preschool "happenings".  :-)

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  1. And you're off .... have a wonderful year!! I'm going to enjoy all the stories that get told!