Friday, September 21, 2012

Blend or Digraph

Over at I've Got Class, she shared an anchor chart that she created to help her students with this concept of two or more letters together, some making new sounds completely (digraph) and some we are able to hear each sound still (blend).  

Much of what I create or have the children create will be placed in their binders so I turned her anchor chart into a "notebooking page" just for L., my 1st grade student.  The more visuals the better at this stage in the game!
So a blend, like st, you can hear both sounds.  s is the cereal, so to speak, and t is the milk.  If you mix those together, you can still see the cereal and the milk.  In the blend st we can hear both the /s/ and the /t/.
In the digraph sh, s is the white milk and h is the chocolate syrup.  If you mix those together, you don't see the white milk, you see brown/chocolate milk.  So /sh/---makes a new sound completely.
Perfect for 1st grade minds!
Feel free to print this simple visual, for your own personal use, below...
We'll be adding to this page by creating Post-It flaps for each blend/digraph we learn and sticking it to the back of this page or on another page connected to it. (A little thing I learned, run glue along the left edge of the paper (or top), press the next page to it, let dry and three hole punch it it makes it's own large flap.  Keeps like papers together.)   Post-It flaps...ah, simple!  Label the front, stick to paper, flip the flap up and write or draw pictures underneath.  So we'll write SH on the flap and underneath add pictures/stickers/words of words that have /sh/ in them.  Easy!  Perfect for review!
Hope you all had a lovely week!   Our school week went quite smoothly this week.  We are getting into a groove.  Now to start slipping back in the "extras" that I chose not to do this past week.  :-P

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