Sunday, November 11, 2012

Math Vocabulary Turkeys

The children are doing quite a bit right now with story problems in math.  I'm finding that they don't always pick up on the "clues" for which operation to use.  This was meant to be a quick activity to review some of the vocab that goes with the various operations (+, -, x, /, =).  Some of the children took it a step further and created a scene using the paper-cut technique. 
4th grader                              1st grader
3 years old :-) 
3rd grader                            2nd grader
 There is one project missing from these pictures.  C's-2nd grader.  He had a rough week last week and it was hard for him to get and stay he hasn't completed his yet.  He seems better today (Sunday), eczema seems like it's back under control and his attitude changes accordingly.  :-)  One benefits of having at home is that I can be a bit flexible with what's on his schedule.  Last year, some of his tests scores came back interesting.  The teacher knew that he was capable of certain things but the test score said differently and that is what she had to document.  We keep in mind here that when he's broken out (eczema) it's 10x's worse inside of his body than it shows on the outside.  No wonder he gets grumpy.  We try to help him learn to deal with it, because he can't use it as an excuse for poor behavior...but it's nice to have some flexibility with him that MVCA is offering.
Turkey template can be found at All Kids Network.  This time I printed a copy onto brown cardstock for each child.  Then they had their body already and used their feather as their tracer.  Worked out nicely.  :-)
Math Vocabulary:
Here's a link to get your started on what terms to use...SparkleBox Mathematical Vocabulary Posters...children chose a feather to put an operation symbol on and then added the vocabulary accordingly. 

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