Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pompeii-notebooking page

The children were learning about Mt. Vesuvius and how it erupted and buried the city of Pompeii, Italy.  A sad/tragic story but very interesting and a great history lesson that brings in many components.  One component we were able to review the importance of archaeologists.  Another was about how science has changed and how scientists are on the watch out for things that might cause natural disasters and many times can forewarn communities. 
The children have really enjoyed learning the meaning behind some of our English words.  Volcano actually came from the name of a Roman god named Vulcan.  They believed that Vulcan was a blacksmith god who was busy deep in the ground at his fiery forge creating weapons and other items for the other gods and goddesses and every once in awhile the heat, smoke, and flames would break through the surface of the Earth.  This was their way of explaining what we know today as volcanoes.
A simple but well-enjoyed notebooking page today for History2. 
4th grader
Two pieces of paper.  The bottom paper has the word VOLCANO across the top and also a fill in the blank paragraph about what we learned.  (I knew we'd be spending time on our volcano drawings and so I arranged it so there was less writing involved this time around, I try my hardest to keep our group lessons at 30 minutes...though most times, like this morning, history ends up going 45-60 minutes).  They laid another piece of paper on top of their VOLCANO page and folded it down just so that it didn't cover the world VOLCANO.  They then drew an unerupted volcano on their page, going over the flap.  When they were done they opened the flap and created their erupted volcano.  We glued the volcano drawing page to the bottom of the summary page...like flap to cover the written summary.  Like I said, simple...but well enjoyed.  Actually, 2 children asked to take it further and draw the city around the base of the mountain later when they had a few minutes...I hope they do!  :-) 
 2nd grader
3rd grader
 2nd grader

 1st grader
ISBN  0-397-8866-99
This is the book that came along with the 2nd grade supplies for this particular lesson.  Check your local library...for only about $3.50 at places like Barnes and Noble or Amazon.
You can download our very simple notebooking page summary here.

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