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We had a required "no Internet" day last week because for whatever reason we used a lot of it and was on the verge of going over our limit, even after boosting it once that month.  So on a whim I turned a 1st grade project into a whole group project and I'm so glad I did!  They turned out lovely...they all enjoyed this very simple project!
 3rd grade

preschool and 1st grade 
2nd graders
 4th grade
We took two sessions to complete.  The first day we splatter painted.  Oh boy.  Since I was only going to do this with one kiddo I hadn't prepared a splatter paint box.  Needless to day I'm still cleaning paint off my kitchen walls and appliances.  Oops!  Note to self, no matter how deep your kitchen sink is, don't do it there.  :-D  We also did the owls on the first session.  Great way to get those kids to "fill the paper".  Watered down some brown paint so it would resist their crayon details.  Then second session they created branches or fences, a moon, and any other details they wished.  I love how each are different.

This is not my original idea.  I came across this picture somewhere when I was browsing google images and do you think I can find it again?  Nope, sure can't.  This was just my take on their picture.
So, how we got started on this project.  In the LanguageArts1, they read a fictional store and then do a bit on a related nonfiction reading.  To make it a bit more interesting I've been incorporating a little paper craft or painting to go along with it.  Here is an example of the goat one he did.  He's also done a dinosaur and a bear...but the goat one was handy.  On the right he does the project on the left I staple the nonfiction reading and his nonfiction reading response page.  Simple...that's necessary around here with 6 kiddos!  But it allows for the child to take a little more pride in his work.
What happened this time was that I hadn't explored with the sizes of the owls and found out after the fact that they really needed the 12x18 background so we can't arrange it like we did on the other nonfiction projects.  We'll just attach his pages to the back of this project vs. having the story and response sheet side by side.
You can download the nonfiction response sheet here if you would like.
Next year I hope to incorporate more "hands-on" extras in all subjects.  K12 is a good curriculum but there is a lot of a paper-pencil activities.  I'd like to tweak that a bit for next year.  :-)
Side Note:  During the project, L., he first grader, was telling us what he had learned about owls and one of the little facts about owls he learned was that their eyes look straight ahead.  So an adaptation was the ability to turn their head almost all the way around.  So later they are all looking at each other's owls and one of the 2nd graders piped up and said, "Mine is the only one that is realistic."  After asking him to tell us more, he pointed out the eyes.  His were the only ones looking straight ahead.  :-D 

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