Monday, April 22, 2013


One of our whole group art lessons came from Art2. Weaving!
Many 2nd grade lessons have turned into whole group lessons because they are easily adaptable for the younger kiddos and the older kiddos just plain enjoy them.  Also, since neither the 3rd and 4th grader has used the K12 curriculum before, this is kind of a way to fill in the gap a little more.  The 2nd graders and I can easily summarize the lesson as we work.  :-)
With a little bit of help (not any more than I gave the 1st and 2nd graders), my preschooler was able to do this project too!
 An "extra" that the K12 lesson added to this "oldie but goodie" project is to wrap yarn over a tp or paper towel tube and print over top of the weaving to make it look more like cloth.  :-)
Some did...
 Some chose not to...which was a-okay!
Great for color review---meaning at the school-age level, cool/warm/complimentary, etc.  I love their color combos!  It did take us a bit longer to do because I changed to whole group at the last minute and hadn't asked them all what colors they were going to use.  Then one of my paper cutters decided to not work well and so it was only me cutting strips vs. having my 4th grader and I cutting strips.  But it all worked out!  They turned out nice.  Wish we had a way to have lamintated them.  They would have made great placemats!

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