Monday, October 29, 2012

Government Notebooking Page

Spent quite a bit of time trying browsing what was available online in regards to a simple government notebooking page.  Since I really didn't find something that fit us perfectly, I decided to create a very simple page for the kiddos.
What I needed:
*  Simple enough for 1st-2nd graders to understand but touch on the information that 3rd-4th graders would be learning.
* Fit on an 8.5x11 piece of it would fit nicely in our Social Studies/History Binder.
* Have enough for them to complete to make it "their own" but also allow us to finish within our 30-45 minutes we have.  It's definitely preferable if they can complete it in the one session instead of having to finish it at another time.  :-)
I wanted to include:
*  the word Government
*  the three different levels of government- local, state, federal
*  the three branches found in each level of government- legislative, executive, judicial
*  service examples for each of the levels of government
This is what we came up with....These pictures are the 2-second grader's pages.

Small green post-it flaps...
top of the post-it note:
L is for laws, E is for Enforce, J is for judge.
under the post-it flap:
Legislative, Executive, Judicial

Feel free to download it here, if it's something that you could use.
I have clipart corresponding with where we live on it, but also have one page with the local picture not there so that you could insert your own (if you live in MI), and also a page that does not include local, state or national, in case you aren't from MI.   On our national, I am using clipart that has our state highlighted.  It would be relatively easy for you to have your own local, state, and national clipart for the children to glue on...or they could draw it. :-)
Tip for those who may not be familiar with notebooking/foldables.  The local, state, federal is a flap.  I left space on the page for you to fold and then trim so that you have the flap...then glue it onto the main notebooking page.

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