Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Piet Mondrian

As mentioned before, art is usually a favorite around here.  Many times we do a lesson as a group...no matter whose assigned lesson it is.  But on occasion, L.-1st grade, does one separately from the others and how I handle that is to go through a lesson with him 1:1 and when he has time in his schedule in which falls under "independent work" we get the materials out for him to do the project.  Working out well, except for the fact that usually a couple of the children really want to do his project.  :-)  So, I always plan on more than him doing the actual project and when the others have free time they are more than welcome to explore with the materials.  Also, as a side note, I almost always allow for them to explore on their own with the materials with no set guidelines after their assigned lesson is done.  It's so neat to see what they do on their own!
Piet Mondrian
This picture was taken in 1899

Here is some of his work...
We learned that he first did representational work...cubism...
Then in later years he did some abstract work using mainly primary colors-white/black and worked in a grid shape.
This one above is  called Broadway Boogie Woogie...Mondrian's painting in reaction to New York.
The grid based art work is what the 1st grader was to respond to.  We used white cardstock, black cardstock strips, and primary colored markers.
He wanted to do this project again but with his own colors. I suggested he use paint this time and he readily agreed.  :-P
So, two of the other students wished to do this project also...and as mentioned, I do not require them to do the assigned lesson but just to explore with the materials they had available.
2nd grader's work  :-)  This was the work of a child who balked at any sort of "art" but definitely showing his creative side here!
4th grader's work- very precise :-)
Ah, art!

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