Monday, October 8, 2012

Pen Pal Packages

There are three of us homeschooling families that are exchanging letters...hoping for about a package once a month.  Very exciting!  We got our first package Friday afternoon so this morning for morning group we had a very brief lesson about what a "friendly letter" actually is and the format.  Then I let them go with writing a letter about themselves. 
The three oldest kiddos...T. in the background, he had already "written" his letter while we were talking about what a letter was.  :-)  So since the table wasn't ready for him to work at yet, he went and made himelf busy in the living room.

The results weren't surprising, for the most part, and it definitely confirmed what we need to spend some time on!  With the pen pal package, we will actually be removing our own letters and so this is going to end up a keepsake also!  It'll be so neat to see just how far they come from the beginning of the school year to the end.
Anyway, we had a little goofy visual for the format of the letter...if you are interested in it for yourself, click here.   
Hope you all had a lovely Monday! 

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