Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A "few" years back in my college Art for Elementary Teachers class we did Styrofoam/marker prints.  Yeah...that was a few years ago.  :-)  Anyway...did a variation today with 4th grader.  We'll explore a bit more but it's a neat concept.

No, I didn't have any Styrofoam to use.  So I was asking my dear husband and he suggested my craft foam.  Duh!  Anyway...does it work?  Very nicely!

Yellow craft foam background-designed with washable markers.  I might pull out craft foam and permanent markers.  That would be a nice change of pace for some of our drawing activities.

1st print that was made.   
Be sure to dampen the paper evenly, before pressing lightly onto foam.  We used a damp sponge.  Obviously some parts of the paper were wetter than other parts.
2nd print.
Yes, I agree that these should be monoprints but we were just exploring.  I took this picture while it was still damp.  You can see the darker spots were it was damper.  So, if you try to do a print...make sure that your paper is good and damp.  :-)  And press firmly!
Side note:
This was a project to go along with a Monet lesson.  At first I thought it really didn't have much of a connection when I skimmed the lesson.  But I love how the print is makes the project so "soft" looking.  4th grader enjoyed this lesson.  I'll be having it available for the other students also.

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