Friday, December 28, 2012

Pattern Bird

Here is a very simple art lesson that turned out to be well-liked with the 1st grader.  We had been using K12's Art 1 lesson about patterns and they suggested a bird such as this.  I tweaked it a bit to work for for us.
We talked about patterns and he decided the colors he wanted for his bird's feathers and the background.  I actually provided cut out circle, oval, and wing shapes for him to glue his feathers on and place how he would like.  He had to create his own head and legs.  :-D   We are really working on trying to draw "big"...fill up the paper...we've a ways to go yet!  So this helped him be more successful and enjoy the end product.   I tried to encourage him to cover all white spaces but was happy with what he did do.    :-)
This would be a great PreK-2nd grade project. 

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