Saturday, December 8, 2012

Number Work

L., 1st grade, works pretty hard.  The nice thing is that I have him for more hours and we can spread his work out over the course of a day.  So, most days, he probably feels like he has it easy.  :-P  This last week, we've been having him do independent, supplemental activities after group lesson/PhonicsWorks, slipping in whatever 1:1 I can...but my main focus is the 2nd and 3rd graders at the moment.  The only problem with this is that he is more tired in the afternoon.   Ah well, it's working for now.  
One of the activities he does daily is "number work".  He adds the date to the calendar every day.  I print the copy of the monthly calender from Homeschool Creations, Calendar-Notebook-Binder.  We actually started this calendar binder with all the kids in September and it quickly went by the wayside as we got busy.  But, I have started pulling some of it back in for L. 
Lovely!  Wonderful site!
After L. adds the date to the calendar, he pulls his white board to him and on the top has a question..such as
How many days in December?
How many days until Christmas?
How many days in 2 weeks?
How many months in a year?
Then he fills in the chart. 
First column: write the numeral
Second column:  tally marks
Third column: sketch base ten
Fourth column: sketch coin
 Click here is a downloadable copy of the chart.  We'll start using it ourselves as soon as I can get it laminated.  It'll be easier than have to recreate the chart every day.  :-)
We have started with numbers up to 30 but I will be numbers up to 100 now that he has the hang of what to do.  Eventually I'll be moving into story problems for him.  Great practice!
I found that a very simple money chart with the number patterns written down with each corresponding coin was very helpful in reviewing coins.  A simple chart is included in the Number Work Printable also.  There should be room at the top to tape or sticky tack on the real coin if you wish.  You can tell in the picture that it was how I quickly made the first chart...sticky tacked a coin on manila paper, with numbers written below.  Done on a whim...very helpful.  :-)
  We've also been working on number practice writing sheets.  Main goal was writing the number in correct formation and the secondary goal was to learn to write the double digit numbers the same size.  I think we succeeded.  You can find the Numbers 1-20 at Best Coloring Pages

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