Monday, February 18, 2013


Ah, I feel we have so much we could be doing but so little time.  Hopefully next year will be better!
We grew some crystals during our Rocks and Minerals unit...
It was a snow day when we were planning on doing it and 2 kiddos didn't get here.  Have two recipes we wanted to try...but we haven't gotten it done yet.  The story of what happens around here.  If we don't start or complete an extra when it is planned, the probability it won't get done is high.  Anyone else have that struggle?
We followed the recipe of 12 TBS of borax in a large jar of boiling water.  I think it was a bit too much borax...but they turned out anyway.  Remember to have your pipe cleaner design small enough that you can get it out of the jar when it has grown.  :-D  And be sure it doesn't touch any of the sides to begin with.  Use lots of food coloring...and light colored pipe cleaners for best results.
This was a very simple activity to get this idea of metamorphic rocks across.  I provided snickers and they applied heat and pressure to make a new form of rock.  :-)
So, my goal of getting a group picture each month...
yeah...January, it didn't happen.  :-D  So we can count this one...but there are two extra girls and we are missing T.  :-D  (Ice Skate birthday fun fun!)
Or this one...A.'s birthday.  Neither are all that grand...and neither were in January.  Both were at the beginning of February.  But if I hadn't said anything, noone would have known.  LOL  We'll get another one here this next week...hopefully!

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