Friday, February 1, 2013

Snowflake Souffle

Weather: Poems for All Seasons
Lee Bennett Hopkins
ISBN:  978-0-06-444191-9
This is a book sent with the curriculum materials of K12 for 1st grade.  We've been working our way through it.  Here's one of our favorite poems.
Snowflake Souffle
Snowflake souffle
Snowflake souffle
Makes a lip-smacking lunch
On an ice-cold day!
You take seven snowflakes,
You break seven eggs,
And you stir it seven times
With your two hind legs.
Bake it in an igloo,
Throw it on a plate
And slice off a slice
With a rusty ice-skate.
(The illustration shows a bug stirring withn his two hind legs.)
Catchy-isn't it?  Perfect for 1st/2nd grade humor.
So we turned it into a snowflake factory today. Fun stuff!

All of them did at least one but these were the kiddos that really enjoyed this. :-)

And, oh boy, we forgot to get a January picture.  Blah!  But we did and are having a few birthdays.  This one was from this week.
A brand new 7 year old!
(I really do take pictures of the other kids on their birthdays also...but I have been so busy that organizing pictures gets put at the bottom of the to-do pile.  This one was just from yesterday so it was on the card with the snowflakes still.)

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