Friday, February 8, 2013

Lily Ponds

This was actually an Art1 lesson regarding Claude Monet's Water Lilies.  I did tweak it a bit and all of the children created one, including the preschooler.
I recommended they paint most of their paper blue first and then experiment with adding violet, turquoise, green, and white.  The next day they used green scrap paper (as you can see on of the lilies above was a piece of "painted paper"---adds a nice touch!) to cut out circles and then cut the triangle out to make the lilies.  Then they used pink and white paper to make flowers.  This one above created 3 different types of flowers! 
Unfortunately, the oldest and the youngest one's creations were completed when I snapped this picture.  I knew if I didn't do it then, I wouldn't get it done.  :-)
I find that school-agers are often hesitant about "making messes" so I would like to work more at encouraging exploration of "messy materials".   Okay, I am hesitant also..but I find I prefer to "make messes" with school-agers than preschool/toddlers because the school-agers can clean up/"handle" it a bit better.  :-D  But they really don't get a chance to "get messy" in brick and mortar.  Understandable but a little sad.  So, I had to reassure the older elementary kiddos (the 1st grade student was okay with it because it hadn't been that long since he as with me for preschool) that yes, it's okay to stick your hands in the paint, it's called fingerpainting.  :-P  Oh the smiles I saw when they finally did it!
This is one of his paintings from 1908.  Pretty!
Found a whole selection of Claude Monet's water lily paintings on Wikipedia.  Wish I had see that whole selection BEFORE I implemented the lesson!

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