Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Excited mom alert!

Guess what?!  E, 10.5 months is finally getting the hang of "more" in sign language and a couple times she even did something that looks very similar to "all done".  

So, this is my 4th kid...why am I so excited?  Because this mom is getting old and this youngest girl is a loud mouth. :-D  Not quite sure where she gets it from.  HA HA HA HA!  Anyway, most people think she's so so quiet.  Um, not really.  Wait until all you "strangers" are out of the way and boy oh boy...this girl knows how to let her feelings be known!  

Doesn't matter if she just ate or not...if we are at the table...SHE is going to be eating too.  And when she gets there she's going to make this very deep and loud yelp when she sees something she wants.  :-D  So, yes, doing a version of baby sign for more is VERY exciting for these poor parents' ears!

So, what about you all?  Did you teach your baby sign?  Did you keep it up?  I've always loved sign language and have used it in every job with kids.  It's so helpful!  I've always wanted to learn it fluently...but if you don't have someone to sign with...yes, you lose it.  

With Missy Mouse starting her baby sign up...it's causing an interest with my boys.  So....let's see if we can slip that in to our overstuffed schedule.  :-D  Might look around and see if there is anyone that teaches around here, preferably family style and relatively inexpensive.  In the mean time we can do it on our own.

I have always loved this book:

I checked it out so many times as a teenager that the librarian told me that if they ever decided to get a new copy they would give it to me.  Didn't happen but I did go out and purchase it for myself and it has gotten quite a bit of use.  :-)  It's more for adults but that's okay.  

My kids enjoyed Signing Time DVDs when they were younger...maybe we'll get to watch them again this time around.  :-D  Local library has a big selection of them and they are free to check out!

I see she has Baby Signing Time.  We've never seen those.  I'm not big on babies with screen time and really I don't know when we'd slip it in with her but...we might consider it.

Opinions?  What did you do to help your children learn sign?  Wish K12 offered a sign language course!  :-D

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