Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pulled Pork That ALL 6 of Us Liked!!!!

Wow!  Isn't that saying something...ALL SIX OF US...said we'd eat this again.   :-D  Most of us are not big BBQ sauce people so this was a recipe with out it.

Wow, that post has a lot of detail!  Even has the coleslaw and bun recipes.  I used the coleslaw recipe but not the buns...might try that another day.

I have never had coleslaw on my sandwich before.  My husband had heard of it but this northern lady...nope...never heard of it.  Guess what!  It's good! :-D  This coleslaw is not sweet.  Miracle whip, celery salt, ground mustard, and rice vinegar when normally I use Miracle whip, sugar and rice vinegar.  Works perfectly for this sandwich!

My goal these next weeks is to really be careful with meals and grocery bills.  Seems like it's one area I should be able to control a bit more so I'm trying to be very conscious of what we are spending.  This meal  I would put under relatively inexpensive.  

I happen to have a half of roast that I had cut into chops awhile back.  (Isn't that the first step...use what you already have in the pantry and freezer?) The chops were really too big for what I needed so I stuck it in the freezer to use for something else.  I never got around to it so now it's been in a freezer a little while and one could needed a crock pot.  :-D

Here's how I did the meal to make it quicker/easier for me.  I'm all about cutting steps because, seriously, when we school at home...there just isn't the time!

I cut the onion and placed in bottom of crockpot.
Layered the pork chops.
Covered liberally with brown sugar.
Mixed the  Worcestershire Sauce (I've NEVER been able to pronounce's the W sauce) and apple cider vinegar and poured over chops.

Crockpot, High for 3.5 hours, shredded meat, added catsup and let it continue cooking until time to maybe 45 minutes.  Since I didn't take the time to thicken the sauce...then we just used a slotted spoon when serving.    

It served us all, most kids went back to 2nd servings of kids size.  I'm putting about a gallon bag full into the freezer for another quick meal.  Plenty for 2 meals for our family.   So, being able to make 2 meals out of it...helps cost wise.

Let me know if you try it yourself!

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  1. Looks delicious...going to try this next time pork is on sale!