Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Special Moment

A spishaL Momint
DADy ryDen to me.

"A Special Moment"
Daddy reading to me

For mom....watching the process of this activity.  Schooling at home moms...we won't argue that it's not easy.  Nope, it's a full time job (even if you are using an online public school). 

Our kiddos would bring home stuff like this from brick and mortar and it was "cute"...but when I watch the whole process...it's "a special moment" when I get to share it.  

This is kinder's writing sample for November...Love it!
It reminds us that special times are those few minutes where we get to be together.  Nothing extraordinary, nothing expensive...just our time.  

What's important...through the eyes of a child.  
Gooshy stuff done.  LOL Now to analyze.  Ha!  These were my thoughts as I observed.

* We need to get back into that letter formation that I thought we already had down.  Lefties are interesting, that's for sure...especially when the learning coach is a right handed person through and through!

* Work on spacing...though he did implement the spacer chip in his writing, just not on his labeling.  It's not natural yet but that will come in time.

* Work on the sound of short e, he often gets e and i sounds mixed up.

* not concerned about the "reading"...though I'm kind of surprised he didn't get "read" since he's been reading a little book that has that word in it frequently.  -ing will come in time.

* insert conversation about short, tall, and monkey tail letters

* encourage that drawing...he does awesome!

* practice writing more consistently in lower case letters.  

*  Wow!  He's coming right along with color and "staying in the lines".  That's a milestone for sure.  I thought we'd be working on that ALL YEAR long.  LOL

* Encourage Daddy to read with him nightly.  Actually, this is two fold and I started it already.  I want T. to read out loud more frequently to more people then myself...so extra practice on daddy.  :-D  Let's make more of those "special moments".

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