Monday, November 3, 2014

Book Review! National Geographic Kids Beginner's World Atlas

This is a book we began exploring today with my Kinder and boy am I impressed!  So check your local library and see if they have it!  The age range states 5-8 years old or K-4.  I know that my 4th grader enjoyed looking at but I agree with the 5-8.  It's a great BEGINNER'S atlas.  I even have it in my cart on Amazon.  A good $10 investment!  You can get to the book by clicking on that Amazon link above.

First we reviewed maps and parts of a map.

 Then we talked about physical and political maps.

This close up with the visuals is great for a Kinder-1st grader!  He loved using the map key in the bigger physical map and finding the different "biomes".

We focused on Africa today, as that is where we were at in his history.  We'll be spending this week on Africa.  I have quite a few atlases that I picked up at the library...some focus more on animals, other on giving info about the continent, etc.  I also have some fictional books we'll be slipping in also.

 A sneak peak at how each continent is set up.  

What will I do differently in my presentation?  I would do less talking.  Let him lead us through the atlas...spend more time with it.  He'll remember more and he was noticing tings that I didn't.  :-D  Once a kinder gets past all that visual stimuli...that's when you start reading some of the info on the sides.  Each continent gives a "tidbit" for
* countries
* cities
* people
* languages
* products
* land regions
* water
* climate
* plants
* animals

Very colorful and organized...I think some preschoolers would love this.  Would make a great gift!  Perfect for a homeschooling family with young students.  Fits in most our "budgets".  :-D

 Definitely worth a look see if it would work for your family!

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