Thursday, November 13, 2014

Word Family Turkeys :-)

Word Family Word Work 
* rhyming practice
* builds confidence in early readers
* helps develop fluency in reading
* helps early readers notice patterns in written words

This is the start of the turkey family that T. is creating this week to practice word families.  He enjoyed this simple activity.  Simply printed a pattern in various sizes (dad, mom, kids), colored with crayons, cut out, added feathers, feet, and words!  I'd love to provide a link to that body but the link to the actual site was suspicious to me.  I actually saved image from a google search so if you search "mesh turkey pattern" you'll most likely come across that same pattern.  With young children, I suggest you print on card stock or construction paper.  :-)

I was surprised that word families really aren't introduced too much with the K12 curriculum...not at the 1st grade level but even more surprising not finding it at the K level.   Oh well, I'll just include it myself.  :-)

Here's a great link for some free word family books for emergent readers.  She uses a lot of sight words.  Perfect for kinders!

has created several mini-books for the vowels as well as MANY other resources for reading.  If you have young children, go check her site out...I'm sure you'll find something helpful!

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