Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Music Washes Away From the Soul...

Do you agree with that?!  I do, wholeheartedly.  On my goal list is to get back to piano playing.  For now, I enjoy my 4th and 6th grader's piano playing.

I have a kiddo who always will ask me, why?  I don't like piano.  Why do I have to take lessons?  Well, at this point I take the attitude that "you'll thank me later".  :-)  The thing is...if he really hated like he tries to tell me...I wouldn't keep it up but I watch him play and he has this little smile on his face and he picks up music very easily.  He also wants to learn a string instrument. What we say is "learn the piano teaches the basics of music."  Part of the reason is yes, we already have that instrument.  :-D  He's a kiddo that needs an "out" because most people won't "understand" him.  I don't, if I'm honest, and I'm with him 24/7.  So, sticking to our guns with that piano practicing will pay off as a stress reliever and musical therapy as he gets older.  Really, he never has a problem practicing twice a day and he likes his piano teacher...he'll just tell me about 3 times a month that he doesn't get why he has to play the piano.  Ah, well...'tis the way it goes.

My eldest has been playing since...I don't know when.  I taught him myself for his first book...maybe started in Kinder?  I think he started with formal lessons at the end of 1st grade maybe.  He's in 6th grade now.  He has come a long ways.  Piano is not all that natural for him but I absolutely love to listen to him.  I think he has passed me up from where I was at in piano as a kid.  :-D  One time last year he had to write about something that had meaning to him and he chose "piano".  It's not easy but he didn't know what he'd do without it.  It IS a stress reliever.

Now that all being said, I do wish the kids would choose to play on their own more, like in the above picture vs. just at practice times but I guess that will come!  Here A. sat down to plunk out some hymns and C. came over and started singing.  Aw!

A.'s choice of instrument would be a saxophone but local school district doesn't start their kids out with a sax but with a clarinet.  So we really really need to get my husband's clarinet fixed up with new pads and so on so A. can get started.  :-)

I love infographics! I take credit for none of these.  If their sources are not on the image I just posted the site I found them on underneath.

This last one states that music helps "heals" 
Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Tourettes and Autism.
I'm not completely convinced of that myself but I will say that music helps them deal with their special needs that come along those diagnosis.  :-)

This graphic was from

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